Meeting Minutes 1/30

Meeting Minutes 1/30

7:15 PM

Introductions given

7:25 PM

Br. Tejas and President gives brief overview of the crew and past activities and possible future events(Look below for list)

7:30 PM

Talking about the 3-D printing event hand assembly

More of how venturing helps the community

7:37 PM

Talking about ideas we can do as future events

Talking about safety in all of the activities

Guide to safe scouting

Talking about Voting

3 goals of scouting

How we figure out our events

How scouting exposes scouts to different experiences

Having a Eid Fair

How people’s opinions change when Muslims wear uniforms. All the Islamophobia goes away when uniforms go on.

Why we should join Venturing

How Br. Abdul Rashid is in the venturing manual

8:00 PM

Talking about the fundraising

We need to reconsider the date

Talking about which masjids to sell at

8:30 PM




For the list of Ideas, go to

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