Crew meeting 2/13/16

Crew meeting 2/13/16

Crew 114

13 Feb, 2016 / 7:30 PM


Mohammad Q., Seifuddin A., Izzuddin A., Anfel B., Abdulrashid A., Ungela S., Mama Q.


Last Meeting Follow-up

  1. I don’t know

New Business

  • Donut sales Profit
  • S.S.C. for Donut sales on Feb 5th
  • Connor’s Eagle project starts at 9:30am to 1:30pm at



  • Attendance is problem today
  • Izzuddin, Seifuddin, Abdulrashid arrived 3 minutes late
  • Mohammad arrived at 7:15
  • Eltayib arrived at 7:20
  • Anfel arrived at 7:30
  • Mr.president did not send out agenda
  • Secretary did not send out reminder for today’s meeting


  1. Itemized transaction spreadsheet on Google Drive
  2. Start Fund.: communicating better in more advance, fulfilling your role and responsibilities in the crew, come up with a budget plan and creating projection with money to be prepared for following fundraiser, bringing materials to write with ex laptops, start planning earlier, monthly dues, make a crew project, smart choosing locations, market research, marketing material
  3. Stop Fund.: assigning unequal task loads, arriving late, avoiding responsibility
  4. Continue Fund.: Having fund, asking for freebies, finding ways to reduce purchase on items, tax exempt card, continue fundraising


Omeed needs to write the agenda so…

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