Conference Call minutes 10/1/2016

Conference Call minutes 10/1/2016

           Crew conference call 10/1/2016 minutes          


Br. Abdulrashid, Izzuddin. A, Ahmed.M, Abrar. M, Ala.M

Meeting minutes:


-@ 7:20: start meeting

-@7:25: opening+ Fatiha

-@7:26:Talk about Eid finances. Loss and what to do to avoid it in our next event (more marketing)

-@7:36: Future events including Veteran’s day weekend on the 11th of November

– ILSC and ILST: Focus on how to deliver it+ training to do it

-Schedule training for our crew: initiative games by Br. Abdulrashid

-Youth leadership retreat

-Request housing: Br Abdulrashid talk to scout master at Turkish mosque

– Invite multiple Muslim troops (brother Abdulrashid) + charge

– No more than 8 people in a unit (6 youth +2 adults)

–  Plan for the Youth Leadership Retreat: Friday evening to Saturday noon crew 114 .Saturday noon to

Saturday morning all other troops

-Different modules and do games in between

– Possibly do a Sunday public event using the facilities of Turkish mosque

– If the event is a success, plan for the same event for every year.

@ 7:56:  discussing fundraising events

-By next meeting, everyone should complete the doodle application for availability to the fundraising

Event. Abrar.M email.

@ 8:10 Izzudin to talk to ‘Bill’ about any help he needs from our crew for the camporee as volunteers.

Propose to use Tandouri Chicken to eat during camporee

@8:15 cancel Hershey park to save up for Kodiak challenge.

Crew webpage to pay

@ 8:18: Fatiha and close meeting


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