Conference Call minutes 12/15/2016

Conference Call minutes 12/15/2016

Conference Call Crew 114 

December 15th, 2016



Br. Abdul Rashid

Abrar.M, Anfel.B, Manaal.Q, Mohammad.Q, Seif.A

Meeting minutes

6:40 PM

Discuss Event (Escape Room)

Meet at 1:00pm at Brama’s (Pizza Place) – Address listed at end of document

Eat, chit chat, have face to face communications, etc.

Start walking to Escape Room 2:00pm

Escape Room starts at 2:30pm – Address listed at end of document

SEIF: call Omeed, ask if he’s attending


Online –

Abrar sent out an email, Mohammad sent a follow up

6:50 PM

Izzuddin’s Picture for Scouting Magazine

Choose one or more pictures ASAP

Journey to Excellence

To see how good of a program the adults are running


  • Planning and Budget
    • Planning and Budget – PENDING
  • Membership
    • Building Venture – Gold Level Achieved
    • Retention – Bronze Level Achieved
      • Get at least one new member in comparison to december of the year before
  • Program
    • Adventure – Gold Level Achieved
    • Leadership – PENDING
    • Personal Growth – Silver Level Achieved
    • Service – Gold Level Achieved
  • Volunteer Leadership
    • Leadership Recruitment – Gold Level Achieved
    • Trained Leadership – Bronze Level Achieved



7:30 PM

Make fun of Mohammad

Abrar fills out volunteer info

Mohammad writes Dates on Scoresheet


Everyone fill out waivers for ERH

Went over JTE

We’ll have a planning meeting at Brama’s


7:40 PM


End of Meeting Led by Abrar



Brama’s Address:

Brama Italian Cuisine

470 Elden St.

Herndon, VA 20170


Escape Room Address:

Escape Room Herndon

406 Elden St.

Herndon, VA — 20170

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