Meeting Minutes 12/31/2016

Meeting Minutes 12/31/2016

            Meeting minutes Crew 114

          -time management and goal setting training-


Date: 31st December


Abrar.M, Ala.M, Anfel.B, Seiffuddin.A, Izzuddin.A, Manaal.Q, Mohammed.Q, Maisum.Q, Sr. Norlidah, Br.Tejas

Meeting minutes (Training conducted by br. tejas)

7:07- Opening the meeting

7:10- Introduction to time management and goal setting

7:15- Interactive games about what we spend time on the most and the least

7:30-  How to prioritize our tasks: important stuff to be done first

7:40- Write down new year’s resolution and share how we plan to execute it

7:50- Using logs to keeps track of how time is spent

8:00- Final comments concerning the training

8:05- Talk about next meeting location, timing (maybe Fairfax Library at 7 pm …) + officers meeting during the week

8:15- Close the meeting.

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