Conference Call Minutes 1/7/2017

Conference Call Minutes 1/7/2017

Conference Call Minutes Crew 114


Date: 7th January 2017


Ala.M, Abrar.M, Mohammad.Q, Br. Abdulrashid, Sr. Norlidah, Sr. Rofida, Seifuddin.A, Anfel.B, Manaal.Q,

Meeting minutes

8:04- Open meeting

8:05- Go over the tasks given to crew members, Stop Hunger Now, 3 dates (12th March, 19th March, 2nd April)

8:10- Discuss the timing (2pm to 6 pm), check the time the warehouse closes, do intro with interactive games from COPE, community service then social form

8:24- After knowing the warehouse hours, go visit it to get an idea of how things are going to look like, recruit volunteers+ get money for the program (fundraise+ for each volunteer pay 30 dollars + sponsor a volunteer)

8:32- Coordinate with Br. Tejas for the money, or put a PayPal link on our website

8:35- Izzuddin and Manaal join forces to make flyers for the event

8:40- Abrar to contact Aaron Chusid, to get the agreement to host the event

8:44- 2 hours community service, 4 hours of social forum, get guest speaker (Rabbi Peter) world scouting ambassador

8:47- Ask Stop Hunger Now if we can host the social forum at the warehouse as it provides free press for the them, we will probably get a yes as an answer

8:49- Get flyers for the second event ready to hand out at the first event.

8:51- Think of ideas for the name of the project (messengers of peace project or another name)

8:54- Ask about the deadline to have it in the march edition in the newsletter, Aaron

9:00- Do fundraising in the University of Scouting 18th of February+ tabling for MOP

9:08- Officers of Crew 114 do the orientation

9:09- First aid training : pay 25 Dollars from crew budget, the other half by ourselves, deadline on the upcoming week for who is going

9:15- Choosing activity Chair and co-chair for the social forum

9:21- Seif to share reimbursements through email

9:23- Close meeting




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