Conference Call minutes 1/28/2017

Conference Call minutes 1/28/2017

Conference call Crew 114

28th January 2017


Abrar.M, Ala.M, Br. Abdulrashid, Sr. Norlidah, Seif.A

Meeting minutes

6:20- Open meeting

6:22- Our main focus should be on writing the agenda for the event, and contacting people

6:26- Facilities: contact to inform them to give intro (on the 29th January at holocaust memorial)

6:27- Invite other crews to help organize and take people to tour+ have meetings with them (social forum)

6:34- Write down proposal to the facilities (mosque, church, synagogue)

6:40- Meet with crew organizers to do social forum, Venturing Officers Association

6:43- Waiting for flyers to get it to the VOA

6:46- proposal to give to facility (church) on the 29th January.

6:49- Decide on time frame, date, activity briefing (document shared through the crew’s google drive)

6:53- Suggestion to do waivers

7:03-n Rizwan agreement yoo-hoo!! (Adams at Ashburn Location)

7:08- Talk to Manaal about the flyer, if not done by Monday, another person will be assigned to do it

7:19- Send proposal to Izzuddin

7:24- Send email to university of scouting, put flyer in the packet

7:27- Ala post registration on crew website

7:28 -Seifuddin Cow joke

7:31- Crew 114 folder on drive -messengers of peace- (Check it out)

7:34- Update task list

7:58- Close meeting


+Some decision made when Abrar.M, Br. Abdulrashid, Sr. Norlidah and Ala.M when they went to the warehouse:

  • As we were touring around the area, we found that the Stop Hunger Now warehouse location is near three houses of worship, a mosque, a church and a synagogue. So we decided to do a touring kind of event with the meal packaging. When we asked Stop Hunger Now about the warehouse, it can hold about 60 people at once. As we are expecting around 120 people to come, our first half will be packaging meals, the other half will be going around these facilities. And they would switch afterwards.


  • As of the permissions from the facilities. Ala and Abrar are preparing a proposal to hand out to them on the 29th of January at the Holocaust memorial which will take place in the Ashburn mosque .And concerning how the touring will be like, it will probably go as follows: someone from the facility would give a small presentation about their religion and how the use their facility accordingly, and since the houses of worship are in a walking distance area, they will walk over from the mosque to the synagogue to the church.



    P.S: The document that has the instructions of the event aka the proposal we are handing the the facilities, can be found on the crew documents under ” Messengers of Peace” 









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