Meeting Minutes 2/4/2017

Meeting Minutes 2/4/2017

  Meeting Minutes Crew 114


4thFebruary 2017


Abrar.M, Ala.M, Seifuddin.A, Mohammed.Q, Anfel.B, Br. Abdulrashid, Sr. Norlidah

Meeting Minutes



– Edit Flyer

  • Bullet point
  • Remove Rise Hunger logo or move it towards the bottom and decrease size
  • Izzuddin will type, and we will provide the rewording
  • On the bottom put sponsor by VOA, Crew 114, etc. (LOGO)
  • Due 11:59 2/4/2017
  • Remove “Join Crew 114”
  • Change the title” the path of Abraham” to “For Harmony we strive”
  • Flyer Change doc. Is under “Messenger of Peace”


– Submit to VOA for approval and make sure ask them whoever interested to volunteer please send their name and contact info by _________ date. [Ask for help from other Crews, contact info (by Tuesday the 7th)]

– Send the flyer to Br. Tejas for printing

– At the same time, update the website with flyer and launch.

– Send flyer to all potential Sponsors:

  • Muslim -Jewish
  • UMR
  • Islamic Relief (Email Alex about contact information)
  • Abrar suggestion to put the Cook off flyer together with Path of Abraham’s event at the University of scouting. (18th Feb)
  • Need to design a flyer Cook off event (Please assign who, and date line)



-Create Social Forum (Breaker)


  • Due 2/11/17 (Next Saturday)
  • Amount of people ____?? (Ala contact Crews)
  • We have 30min to fill with ice breakers
  • Assign task for other crew members for the March 19th event (Due before 12th of March)
  • Talk about ‘Cook Off event (2nd April) on March 12
  • Refreshments
  • 2 hours the 12th
  • Documents (for the 19th) handed out to volunteers


Assign task for the March 19th event

-Provide registration due date for the event on website


Cook off (2nd of April):

  • Create a brief flyer. TBD on details.


  • Split teams into same faith teams and after cooking they give a brief presentation about the restrictions of their religion as well as why they chose such ingredients.
  • Packaged ingredients (kosher) and all vegetarian.




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