Meeting minutes 2/26/2016

Meeting minutes 2/26/2016

Crew 114 Meeting minutes

26th February 2017


Ala.M, Abrar.M, Anfel.B, Seifuddin.A, Izzuddin.A, Mohammad.Q, Nourddin .A ,Sr. Zohra, Sr. Norlidah, Br. Abdulrashid.


Meeting Minutes


3:43- Opening by Fatiha

3:45- Br. Abdulrashid and Sr Norlidah talk one on one with Mike about the Sanctuary aspect of the synagogue

3:47- Use money provided by the sponsor for food

3:54- Go over marketing for event: Contact different districts to post (paragraph+ flyer) on their newsletters

Facebook page (ICNVT), NOVA, GMU

4:01- Assigning roles to people: -1 MC: Peter Hyman

-2 Officers (Snacks): Manaal, Maisum.

-2 Officers (Tour): Ala, Anfel, Abrar to jump in.

-2 Officers (Registration): Mohammad, Anfel

– Runner: Seifuddin

4:15- Social forum discussion during snack time: prepare questions that can be done or lead by MC or adult leaders, Cookies for decoration to say thanks to our officers (decorate to have fun+ Sr. Norlidah’s friend decoration)- money from the 500 dollars provided by sponsor.

4:20- Izzuddin put Logos on the flyer

4:21- Send Email to DeenTv with flyer and invitation

4:23- Taking marketing to another level on DEENTV because there are a lot of boy scout, scout leaders and eagle scouts

4:24- Messengers of peace banner+ add the speech to the event (Peter Hyman)

4:27- Talk to Imam Shamshi, or Linda Sarssour.

4:28- Get wrist bands, rubber bracelets

4:35- Update website with specific ages (14+), all boys and girls 14+

4:37- Add ages to the flyer

4:39- Sr. Zohra to follow-up with the Mexican volunteers+ food

4:44- Our crew to register to the event by 27 February

4:49- Talk to Andrea about the Mexican volunteers, share food at mosque after the whole event is done

4:51- Talk about events we are invited to, Br Abdulrashid to send email about it.

4:52- Mohammad showed the design for bracelets to be purchased maybe? 39 dollars for 100

4:55- Close meeting

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