Meeting Minutes 3/11/2017

Meeting Minutes 3/11/2017

Meeting Minutes



Abrar.M, Ala.M, Izzuddin.A, Seiffuddin.A, Mohammed.Q, Anfel.B, Br. Abdulrashid, Sr. Norlidah, Sr.Chahinaz, Sr.Zohra.

Meeting minutes

7:18- Open meeting

7:25- More marketing: – Islamic Relief

-Br Abdulrashid to send email to Br Mohammed Dawood

7:30- One group of 60 people, send email to representatives of houses of worship, make banner.

7:37- Discussing the agenda: The event registration and intro to be done in the warehouse. Only one group as original plan.

7:48-  Banner design will be done by Izzuddin and will be hang in front of Stop Hunger Now warehouse.  (Trees are everywhere), wrist bands from Messengers Of Peace people

8:16- Parking at Warehouse and Church

8:21-  Br Abdulrashid to ask Br Tejas about wearing uniform during the event.

8:25 – Certificates for behind the scene people (doing it by 3/13/2017)

8:30- Crew members register.

8:34- Pizza time.

9:00- Annual meeting on the weekend of 1st of April, at camp Snyder.

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