Eagle Project – Reap the Deeds, Sow the Seeds

Eagle Project – Reap the Deeds, Sow the Seeds

Greetings & Salutations!

   My name is Nuruddin of Crew 114, and I, as a fellow resident, am looking to start tying the community together in hopes of a brighter future during these darker times. To achieve this I will be taking the first step via this Eagle-Scout Project. In the forested asphalt pathway between the Herndon Elementary School, the Woodshire Lane neighborhood, and Hunter’s Mill, I will lead in erecting various posts that light up the path, and educate passersby. 


Bird's eye-view of Path
Bird’s eye-view of the Path indicated by the Red line

No maintenance needed! The light posts will be solar powered and low to the ground for maximum-path-lighting efficiency. The wood for both the lights and signs will be weather resilient and built sturdily into the ground. 


Our End-Goal is for the community to take initiative in pulling each other closer, and starting understanding each other as well. I wish to see the day community projects like flower beds and benches sprinkled around as fruits of the labor that’ll be planted with this project.


So what can you do to help out? Sharing, Donating, and Volunteering us a little bit of elbow-grease, are the most effective ways to help us, help all of us.


Share this webpage or the news of us to spread awareness!

Donate Money or Materials to help fund our expenses; some of the Materials that’ll be needed will be in a list ‘here’.

Volunteer your skills & time! if none of these are an option to you, or you are dying to get your hands dirty, consider signing up for our volunteer list!


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Thank you for reading! Have an amazing day!

last updated 7/29/2020